So how am I doing? The results so far


Ha! Do you know what a banana for scale is? Anyway, I thought I should give you all a progress report. Afterall, if you have been reading along you might be asking yourself what the heck is going on? Who is this guy? Why should I listen to his advice? 

I think it's important to tell you that everything I write here is based on my research and personal experience. I am my own guinea pig. If it's about drinks, I drink it. If it's about food, I make and eat it. If it's sharing my methods, I really do and think these things. My goals are to gain strength and lose fat. 

I am changing. I have changed my diet, began exercising and am beginning to see results. I want to (eventually) provide you with a system that works. I will cut through the clutter and give you actual results. I am hacking this for you. I am a healthy hedonist. (repeat after me)

Ok enough, let's put up the numbers based on my 2 month track record. 

November 2017

  • Weight: 86 kg (ouch)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) : 26.2 (considered overweight, again ouch)
  • Percentage Body Fat (PBF): 23.7 (yikes)
  • Fat Control (ie how much I need to lose) 8.5kg (a lot but doable!)

January 2018

  • Weight: 78 kg (Net loss of 8 kg- wow)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) : 24.6 (now in the normal range for my weight and age)
  • Percentage Body Fat (PBF): 20.5 (on the way down, hooray!)
  • Fat Control (ie how much I need to lose) 5.1 kg (getting there)

Those are the cold hard numbers. They are produced by a Inbody machine, considered very reliable. Why measure? Because it's the only way to track your progress. If something is working, it will show up here.

I also track against a series of free weight exercises (which I call the big 5) to track my real strength gains. (yes I go to the gym) I only count the heaviest weight that I am able to finish a full set of reps on. I haven't began to track my maximum. 

1. Bench Press

November 2017: 40kg →          January 2018: 60kg

2. Deadlift

November 2017: 70kg  →          January 2018:  110kg

3. Squats

November 2017: 60kg →          January 2018:  95kg

4. Overhead Press

November 2017: 20kg  →         January 2018:  35kg

5. Row

November 2017: 30kg →           January 2018:  50kg

Again, these are real numbers. And numbers don't lie. Unless you lie about the numbers. Which I don't. I track every gym session, writing down all my successes and failures. You should too. Nothing beats the feeling of setting your personal best. It's progress and you should celebrate. With a whisky. Or a protein shake.

But other than the cold hard numbers and dropping a couple of pants sizes, I have noticed other things too.

First, my moods have changed. I feel energized, positive and motivated. And I mean all the time, from the moment I wake up (OK after my 3rd espresso) all the way through the day. Everything seems somehow easier. Btw, it is well documented that exercise positively affects your mood, and oh boy it's true.  Every time it is a workout day, I can't wait to hit the gym. If I miss, I feel awful, depressed even. I can't miss a day. 

Second, I sleep better. I used to wake up 2 or 3 times a night. Now I sleep right through. This might be due to exhaustion, but also I just feel sleepier.  My whole body rhythm has changed. It feels great.

I will tell you this though. The first 6 weeks were excruciating. I mean painful. I had to kick my own as* to go to the gym. I could be sore for days after. But every time I went it was a victory. Slowly things began getting better. Change takes time and perseverance. Soldier on.

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