In the beginning...


Hi there, My name is Jamey and this is my story.

Almost 2 years ago, I started on my fitness journey. Waking up one day at 86 kilos and being diagnosed as overweight was a real eye opener. I decided that I had enough. That I wanted to recapture the body of my youth. That maybe has something to do with the fact that I was turning 45. It hit me like a ton of bricks. I vowed to get back into shape, joined a gym and began my journey.

Then I made a mistake. I jumped on the internet and began to look for a quick fix. And boy oh boy, did I find a lot! So began my cycle. Read something, try it. Read something else, try that too. I basically jumped around from plan to plan until I realized I was stuck. Sure, I lost some weight, and gained some strength, but I was going nowhere fast. I asked myself so what should I do?

I decided to get educated. I completed my Personal Trainer certification, am working on my Strength Coach certification and completed Level 1 Nutrition Coaching from Precision Nutrition. I learned about energy balance, exercise programing and so much more. I learned to be a student of science, nothing else. Show me actionable and repeatable results. I became my first client. I learned 2 important lessons that are the foundation of my coaching practice:

  1. Habits

  2. Patience

Let’s look at how these work.


Habits are what you do everyday without thinking about them. They are shortcuts in your brain telling you how to do something. It is a routine. And they are the most powerful aspects of your life. Essentially we become what we do everyday. This is just as true (if not moreso) in health and fitness. If your habits define who you are, then the way to change is to start changing your habits, one at a time. Small changes done consistently add up to big results. Life changing results.


We are inundated with quick fixes, the newest diet, the best routine, the promise of fast results. We are creatures of instant gratification, rooted in the fast pace of our modern society. Time for a reality check.

Have you ever ran across a program promising you Get Fat in 30 days? or How to add 6 inches to your gut in only 2 weeks? Aside from the obvious that these would be impossible to sell, you must be thinking that it would be kinda difficult, And that is for good reason. The question is why do many people believe the opposite to be true? You can get fit in 30 days? A six pack in only weeks?

The problem here is that it probably took you years to get out of shape, a little bit at a time. You look in the mirror and say hey, it’s not that bad….

So this site and this blog are dedicated to sharing with you things that actually work, looking at trends, and dispelling myths. Based on science of course. Be sure to follow me to stay up to date. And if you want to hire me, FREE for 28 days, then hit the big yellow button down below. Cheers.