Let me tell you a story. A very personal story.

6 months ago, my life was in crisis. I was tired all the time. I had no energy, I was overweight, I was lazy, I was stressed out, and I almost crashed. I was depressed and lethargic. I hated seeing myself in the mirror. What had I become? 

And then I woke up. 

I decided to change. But probably not like you are thinking. I didn't wake up one day and decide to exercise, eat healthy, sleep better and try to change everything at once. I intuitively thought if I could change only one thing at a time, start building good habits, then I could turn my life around. And I did. slowly, or as I like to say, baby steps.

I started out by going to the gym. I didn't jump on the latest workout craze and try to blast out a six-pack in 30 days, , I just started going regularly and doing a simple work out. I did it 3 days per week. Consistently. rain or shine. And that was the key. It still is. I began to see results. I was getting stronger, my muscles were growing and I had some success losing some weight.

Next, I began to look at my diet, research about nutrition and slowly change how I ate, by cutting out unhealthy processed foods and substituting in healthy whole foods. It started to work as well. My weight loss increased. I had more energy. I could workout at the gym harder. Then I started learning how to control calorie intake, about the energy balance equation and nutrition. Like magic, I lost even more weight. I was losing fat, gaining muscle and feeling great. 

What were my Results, you ask? Here are some:

  • from 86 kg to 71 kg, thats a 15 kg loss
  •  from 26% body fat to 13%,
  • from a size 36 pants to size 31
  • from barely being able to do 10 squats with 60kg to doing full sets with 100kg.
  • from benching 30kg to 70 kg. 
  • from being tired all the time to having more energy than I ever did

And my life has changed. I was inspired. I wanted to learn more. So I did. I went out and got my Personal Trainer Certification, Nutrition Coaching Certification, And Functional Movement Certification. I have a new mission.

My Mission

I want to help you. You deserve to have the body of your dreams, to have tons of energy, to actually go out and enjoy life, to really live.

It starts with your health. You can change too. And I can help. I am not selling a magic bullet, but a system that works. It will take time, but the journey is worth it.  There is no way to get 30 day abs. We need to follow a different path. Here are my 3 rules:

  1. start with small changes
  2. do it consistently
  3. celebrate results


If you feel inspired drop me an email for your free consultation. Let's start this journey together.


Small changes, applied over a period of time, consistently, will get you results
— Jamey