For those of you who are impatient, here is the lowdown. I have spent 15 years in hospitality and related fields. I am also an entrepreneur, writer and general food and beverage enthusiast. I have recently begun a journey into the healthier side of life. My mission is to help people drink better, eat better and live better. That's it.

What i do

Brand Ambassador for Beam Suntory (South East Asia)

‣building relationships with KOLs, social media personalities and local celebrities

‣liaising with PR agencies and conducting interviews with media

‣spearheading consumer outreach programs including tastings, events and activations

‣hosting and co-creating whisky dinners in all markets focusing on HNWI and lifestyle

‣working with high profile restaurants and bars and hospitality personalities

‣developing and delivering hospitality staff training programs with hands on training

‣development of signature cocktails and guest bar shifts at key outlets across the region

‣consulting with outlets on bar set up, cocktail creation, service standards, recipe costing


what i did (and still do)

‣travelled the world in hospitality management including Canada, the US, The Caribbean, and SEA

‣started one of the first cocktail bars in Canada, and was making classics since 1999

‣created Singapore's first fresh fruit driven cocktail bar

‣been featured all across the media

‣founded a couple of tech startups

‣began my own home brewery

‣been cooking since i was 13

‣was first published as a paid writer (however poorly) in 2013

‣followed(ing) my dreams



My interests

Whisky, Beer, Cooking, Cocktails, Writing, Fashion,Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Technology, Public Speaking, Teaching, Consumer Psychology, Communication Strategy, Branding,


B.A. (Honors) Marketing Management

Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, UK

Achievement: First Class Honors, Valedictorian