I offer online coaching (and in person if you are in Singapore) for various levels and goals. It’s totally up to you.

Here is the Truth.

There are a lot of trainers out there. Heck, you can just jump on Youtube, Instagram, Google or where ever and find a ton of information on how to eat, train, live, think, change, motivate, get in shape, lose fat, make a million dollars, whatever you want. You may find more information than you need. You will also find a lot of “magic” products, bs and generally misinformed bro-science. You may even be tempted to believe you can get a six pack in 28 days. I hate to tell you this but you can’t.

Now you can try to sort out the ton of information you can find, wonder what’s best for you, resign yourself to eating boiled chicken and broccoli for the rest of your life, say goodbye to your social life, and generally wonder if this is even worth it. Or…….

Hire me to be your coach

A coach is different from a trainer, that beefy guy at the gym, anything you ever read in a muscle mag, online or whatever. A coach like me has been where you are. I’ve been fat, I’ve been lazy, I have a job, a family, responsibilities, work travel, you name it. I know how hard it is to change. BUT I DID. And you can too.

I want to get to know you. I want to find out about your challenges. I want to help you make meaningful change in a positive way. Every client is different and I will help you impact your life in ways that are important to you, within your abilities and ultimately take control of your body and mind.

Join me.


In Person


Nutrition Coaching

Do you struggle to get control of your diet?

If your goal to lose weight, gain muscle or just improve your overall nutrition, I can help. I use habit based nutrition coaching, ensuring you get the tools you need to change your eating patterns and your body.

Why Nutrition Coaching?

  1. Learn how to eat better without feeling hungry all the time

  2. Correct possible nutrition deficiencies, making you feel more energised

  3. Get rid of the food 'rules', fad diets, meal plans, calorie counting, and confusion

  4. Build good nutrition into your life without it taking over

  5. Achieve and maintain your goals by building nutrition into your habits


  • free evaluation session including current diet analysis.

  • weekly email detailing your weekly habit plus tips to get it done

  • weekly in person progress check-ins up to one hour

  • fully customized to your needs, abilities and lifestyle.


Per 12 sessions (3 months): SGD 1200

Per 24 Sessions (6 months) SGD 2400

Personal Training

Tap into your inner beast mode with fully customised training plans.

We all have different goals and abilities. For exercise there is no one size fits all prescription. Find out how I can customise your training plan, and work with you to succeed.

Why Personal Training?

  1. Higher motivation to work out and I can push you to do better and get results

  2. Increased focus, no distractions, just get in train and get out

  3. Build consistency into your routine by doing what really matters

  4. No need to track your progress, I'll do it for you.

  5. Correct form and technique with proper supervision lowers risks of injury


  • Trial session is FREE - will discuss your goals, limiting factors, questionnaire and fitness testing

  • Training is conducted at Gold’s Gym Siglap. House calls are subject to a surcharge of SGD 20.00 per session.

  • Session length - 1h training 15 min coaching

  • Workout plan will be customised to your goals and abilities


Per 12 sessions (1 month): SGD 1,200

Per 36 sessions (3 months)  : SGD 3,200

Per 72 sessions (6 months) :SGD 5,400


Online Coaching


Total Body Transformation

(6 Months)

Who it's good for:

  • people just starting out on their health journey

  • people who want to fit nutrition and exercise into their daily lives without it taking over

  • motivated people ready to change


  • evaluation session including current diet analysis

  • upgrade your nutrition habits no matter what

  • weekly email detailing the habits to work on

  • weekly progress check-ins with me in person or online.

  • fully customisable to your situation

What it covers:

  • Time management, goal setting, priority building

  • Basic nutrition knowledge and how to implement in your life

  • Portion control and nutrient breakdown

  • condensed set of foundational habits to be practised daily (one per week)

  • targeted supplementation strategy if needed


6 months: SGD 3,000.00

VIP Warrior Program

(6 Months)

Who it's good for:

  • athletes, either recreational or pro wanting to support or increase performance

  • people wanting to radically change their body composition, either to lose weight or gain muscle

  • you should be highly motivated and have good fundamentals


  • evaluation session covering goals, motivations, current training

  • in depth current diet analysis

  • highly targeted strategies for fat loss or muscle gain

  • twice a week online check-ins (more if needed)

  • fully customised to your needs

What it covers:

  • full diet evaluation including nutrient deficiency identification

  • targeted supplementation recommended

  • carb/calorie cycling/eating for your body type and goals

  • Full meal planning

  • Sport specific training protocols if needed


6 months: SGD 5,000.00