Do you struggle to get control of your food?

If your goal to lose weight, gain muscle or just improve your overall nutrition, I can help. I use habit based nutrition coaching, ensuring you get the tools you need to change your eating patterns and your body.


Why Nutrition Coaching?

  1. Learn how to eat better without feeling hungry all the time - and STOP dieting forever

  2. Correct possible nutrition deficiencies, making you feel better and more energised

  3. Get rid of the food 'rules', fad diets, meal plans, calorie counting, and confusion

  4. Build good nutrition into your life without it taking over with simple easy to follow steps

  5. Achieve and maintain your goals when you get busy by building nutrition into your habits


3 Month Crash Course

Who it's good for:

  • people wanting to see immediate results

  • people who can follow directions well

  • highly motivated people with tight deadlines


  • free evaluation session including current diet analysis

  • weekly email detailing your to be done list

  • weekly progress checkins

  • fully customisable to your needs

What it covers:

  • Basic nutrition knowledge

  • Portion control and nutrient breakdown

  • condensed set of foundational habits to be practised daily

  • targeted supplementation strategy if needed

  • meal planning and recipe suggestions

  • basic fitness


3 months: SGD 1000

6 Month Advanced Program

Who it's good for:

  • Athletes, either recreational or pro wanting to support or increase performance

  • people wanting to radically change their body composition, either to lose weight or gain muscle

  • you should be highly motivated and have good fundamental eating and exercise habits


  • free evaluation session

  • current diet analysis

  • highly targeted strategies for weight loss or muscle gain

  • weekly personal check-ins, more if needed

  • covers general, sports and exercise nutrition

  • fully customised to your needs

What it covers:

  • full diet evaluation including nutrient deficiency identification (optional blood testing extra)

  • targeted supplementation if needed

  • carb/calorie cycling and other advanced strategies

  • eating for your body type and goals

  • meal planning


6 months: SGD 2400

12 Month Fundamental Program

Who it's good for:

  • everyone interested in taking charge of their nutrition habits

  • frequent travellers

  • anyone who has 15 minutes a day to dedicate to their long term health

  • working parents and other busy people


  • free evaluation session to determine your goals and abilities.

  • fully automated online curriculum

  • weekly personal check-ins with me

  • upgrade your nutrition habits no matter where you are

  • work at your own pace over a year, in fact, I encourage you take it slow

What it covers:

  • learn fundamental habits and skills to transform the way you eat

  • basic nutrition knowledge

  • learn to control portion size without calorie counting

  • changing your habits in a incremental way


12 months: SGD 1200

Want to add Personal Training?

If your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle you will get the best results if you add a exercise program. Contact me to arrange for a special bundle deal.

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