Tap into your inner beast mode with fully customised training plans.

We all have different goals and abilities. For exercise there is no one size fits all prescription. Find out how I can customise your training plan, and work with you to succeed.


Why Personal Training?

  1. higher motivation to work out and I can push you to do better and get results
  2. increased focus, not distracted by too much information
  3. build consistency into your routine by putting appointments into your calendar
  4. no need to track your progress, I'll do it for you!
  5. correct form and technique with proper supervision lowers risks of injury



  • Trial session is FREE - will discuss your goals, limiting factors, questionnaire and fitness testing
  • I can come to your home (if you have decent condo facilities) or can go to a gym (let me know so I can book time*)
  • session length - 1h training PLUS 15 min basic nutrition coaching for FREE
  • workout plan will be customised to your goals and abilities



Per 12 sessions (1 month): SGD 960

Per 36 sessions (3 months)  : SGD 2700

Per 72 sessions (6 months) :SGD 4,320

Want to add full Nutrition Coaching? 

Your training results will vary greatly based on your nutrition. For best results, it is recommended to tackle both diet and exercise. Contact me to get a bundle deal.

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