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Jamey Merkel

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What's this all about?


I have a confession to make; I have always loved good food and drink. The problem is it catches up to you and your waistline. Or at least it did to me.  I feel like you are always forced to make a choice; whether to enjoy life or sacrifice in order to stay healthy and look good.


the cold hard truth

We eat too much.png
We drink too much.png
We dont exercise.png

so how do we fix it?

We fix it by changing. As hard as it may be. But I think there is a shortcut. A hack. A way that when based in science and nutrition can help you and I take control of our lives. We can enjoy good food, good drink and still be fit and healthy.

Let's get a lifestyle!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tze

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