Do you want to get in shape, eat better, build muscle, lose fat, feel more confident, have more energy and just feel awesome? 

You can.



Hi!  My name is Jamey, and I am your fitness and nutrition coach. I believe anybody can change their body.  Real sustainable change takes time, effort, patience, and more than a little bit of self-compassion. And let's face it a good coach.  But it is possible. The secret is to start small, with your day to day habits, because it is your habits that define your results.

So if you are tired of yo-yo dieting, starving yourself, jumping on the latest fad diet or workout and just feeling out of control, I can help. If you are serious about change, about results, about finally achieving the body you always wanted, contact me for a free consultation. I am your coach.



I am fully qualified to help you 


Certified Nutrition Coach

Whether you are interested in everyday nutrition, or sports and performance nutrition, from beginner to advanced, I help you change the way you eat and nourish you body. As the saying goes abs are made in the kitchen, but more than that your overall health is too. Learn how habit-based nutrition might be the thing you are looking for. See more about Nutrition Coaching.

Certified Personal Trainer

I am certified with the National Council on Strength and Fitness from the US, an internationally recognised and accredited certification.  I build customised workouts based on your needs and abilities. Whether you are looking to build strength, build muscle, increase your power or just lose a bit of weight, I can help you achieve your goals. See more about Personal Training.


Do you want to change your life? Get your FREE consultation today. 


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